First and foremost we are paranormal researchers and investigators. Our research team is comprised of Parapsychologists, former military personnel, medical practitioners, technological specialists,
occult science experts, psychological consultants and A/V analysts.

​ We have conducted investigative work for politicians, military facilities, the board of education, museums, commercial locations, businesses, television and civilian properties.

Our research is recognized by the U.S. Government.

U.S. Government Classification
BF1029 .L35   BF1029 .L36
Parapsychology--Case studies

We currently have over one thousand cases in our database.

*We do not endorse, support or sponsor network television paranormal programming.

//Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I am experiencing unexplainable and believed-to-be supernatural activity. What should I do?
A. Use the contact form located on the CONTACT section of this website to explain your situation. We urge you to read this entire section before doing so.

Q. I don't want anybody to know I'm having my experiences investigated. Is this confidential?
A. All cases begin and end with confidentiality in mind. You can remain confident your case will never be publicly exposed unless you willingly submit to a case release*.

Q. How do I schedule an investigation?
A. Use the contact form located on the CONTACT section of this website to begin the process.

Q. Do you charge for your services?
A. No. We are a fully funded research organization. Our funding is supplied by silent investors, grants, literary works, lectures, donations and our documentaries.

Q. What do you need if my case is accepted?
A. First and foremost, all details pertaining to your case is a necessity. Audio, photography and/or video evidence to accompany your claim(s) will expedite our response. Contact us for information on how to supply us with any evidence you may have.

Q. What is the beginning process for researching my case?
A. First, we will gather all details revolving around your experience(s) via an email interview. If we feel your case warrants on-site research, a preliminary investigation will be scheduled. At this time, all individuals involved will undergo an interview process including a psychological evaluation. The interview process will be filmed for your file and remain classified. Next we physically research your location or item believed to be the source of  the activity by means of scientific methodology. If our findings validate your claims, we will schedule a follow-up investigation to further solidify your case. The investigation process can be an ongoing process pending research results and client approval.

Q. How does the investigation process work?
A. Depending on your location and nature of the claims, we will require at minimum one, uninterrupted eight hour session on your property. In some cases, we may require more time or days. Again, this all depends on the nature of your case. Some cases last a matter of only a few hours, while others have continued on for years.

Q. Do I have to sign anything?
A. Yes. For your protection and ours, a non-disclosure agreement must be signed by all parties involved with your case. This protects your anonymity and our methodology.

Q. Will you solve my problem?
A. The answer to that changes case by case. We are not a ghost removal service. However, we will advise you accordingly on how to better cope and handle your individual situation. We have experts in extreme haunting situations who will offer a plethora of solutions to suit your needs.

Q. Do you accept cases involving children?
A. Yes. However, your child must undergo an interview process without the presence of a parent or guardian. This interview is filmed to be viewed by you after the fact. 

Q. Who and what is the P.I.T. Crew?
A. After ten years of independent study, Stephen Lancaster created the P.I.T. (paranormal investigation team) in 2007 to expand his ongoing research. High demand and grander cases motived him to build a research team comprised of individuals with various and necessary attributes for paranormal exploration. The P.I.T. is who will be handling your case.

The P.I.T. Crew was the name dubbed by fans of the group and is often how it is referred to.

Over the course of ten years, the P.I.T. has trained various personnel who now operate their own groups. It should be noted that we do not endorse these former associates or their research. Nor do they represent the P.I.T., Stephen Lancaster, MonsterVisionTV Films, or any other related affiliate. DO NOT ACCEPT MISREPRESENTATION.

The P.I.T is currently active and comprised of researchers Stephen Lancaster, Kevin McCray, Christina Parker, Eddie Hughes, and James Burris.

Q. Can me and my friends/family be present for the investigation?
A. Although there are circumstances which allow our client(s) to be present, in most cases client participation is deterred. Our job is to provide the best possible research conditions without outside interference or  influence. Following our preliminary work, if we feel your presence would aid in the research, your participation will be requested.

Q. How do I know my property will be safe?
A. Our research is recognized by the United States government. Research is headed by Stephen Lancaster and his associates. Their public and online presence is easily accessible. In other words, the loss of respect for two decades worth of research is not worth committing a crime. In addition to that, the entire property is monitored by both in-house and remote surveillance. All actions by the research team is fully documented. However, we do understand your concern. Upon request, we are more than happy to provide BeenVerified documents on all researchers assigned to your case.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with your research results?
A. If for any reason you feel our conclusion is unsatisfactory, we will happily direct you to one of our recommended, unaffiliated, professional research colleagues.

Q. *What if I want to contribute my case to paranormal science and make it public?
A. Even if you remain anonymous, your case is contributing to paranormal science through classified study. However, if you want to share any discoveries or validation (i.e. Audio, video, etc.) we can arrange that as well. At that time, you will be required to sign a release granting our research group and MonsterVisionTV Films the right to distribute and make accessible any item(s) pertaining to your case.

​​Q. *Will my case be in a book or documentary?
A. That is strictly your decision. Again, you will be required to sign a release granting our research group and MonsterVisionTV Films the right to distribute and make accessible any item(s) pertaining to your case in any public medium we deem necessary. Before exposing your case on our behalf, the research must provide infallible evidence to support the paranormal occurrence(s). If this is agreed upon, we will represent your case with empathy, legitimacy and respect.

​​Q. I want to make money off of my case?
A. If your goal is to profit from your experience, we are not the association for you. 

​​Q. But if I agree to a book or documentary, won't you be making money?
A. Our literary work and documentaries help fund our research and all that encompasses it. Travel, lodging, equipment, repairs, production costs and more are financed by our efforts. To put it in perspective, the average investigation costs us $1,000 between travel, lodging, fare, and a list of equipment related expenses. When we accept your case, we are investing in YOU. However, we cannot stress enough that your case will remain confidential unless you state otherwise. Our books and films are created to further expose the truth about the field of paranormal research. A new literary work costs thousands of dollars to publish. The same can be said tenfold for a feature documentary. The more we can create, the better opportunity we have to undo the damage network reality television has caused to the field.

​Q. Are you paranormal investigators, researchers, authors, producers or what?
A. Admittedly, we are a rare breed in this field. Twenty years ago we were presented with a problem. How do we finance true paranormal research and how can we expand our outreach to those who really need help? The answer came in 2007 in the form of MonsterVisionTV. We would document real-life paranormal research and present it to the masses for free only acquiring monetary gain through paid advertising. We followed that with literary works to eventually expanding further with a documentary division.

Our heart and soul is the field of paranormal research and you, our clients. The funding we create aids in our ongoing quest for the truth and to help people in need just like you. We do not live a glamorous lifestyle. We have sacrificed our lives in the name of a science that has yet to be fully accepted because just like you, we know there is something else out there waiting to be explored.

Ready to contact us? Hit that contact button at the top of the page, or simply click here.